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FrostRosesBulbsEpidendrumChrysanthemumsCamellias & AzaleasFuchsiasHibiscusShrubs and HedgesAsparagus Fern, Cannas, Ginger & IvyPermanent Trees & BushesDeciduous Fruit TreesKiwi VinesTomatoes and Vegetables Keeping a garden journal and your eye on the weather will help you anticipate when to prune or move tender plants from under the eaves or back...
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Fertilize & Disease Control

Insect Pests and BeneficialsCool-Season FlowersCyclamenEnglish PrimrosesBulbsWater LilyEpiphyllumsCitrus TreesPermanent PlantsAvocado TreesWarm- and Cool-Season LawnsRosesLettuce Insect pests can disfigure, weaken and possibly kill even some of our most drought-resistant trees and bushes. Examine foliage to look for juniper tip and cypress tip moths' ¼" silver-white cocoons. If...
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Finding a Leak In Your Pond

The primary function of any pond is to hold water. Leak checks are a vital part of any start up. For a still pond the obvious question is “Does it hold water?” If so then everything is set to go. If it doesn’t, then it…


Plant Terms

Perennial Any plant that lives more than three years and does not die after flowering once. The term is generally applied only to herbaceous plants, which die back to the ground each year, as opposed to those with persistent, woody stem. See Annual, Biennial.  …


First Year Medicinal Garden

Easy, basic medicinal plants you can start now for your first years garden. From Other Guides A Children’s Herb Garden Organic and Herbal Farming Garden Plans On-Line Elsewhere on the Web Container Herb Gardening For Beginners Planting An Herb Garden Herb Gardening, Easy Plants I…



Composting is easy and the rewards are great. You can not only save money but it’s like giving a present back to the earth as well. The majority of household garbage is organic and compostable. Compost can be used in several ways: as soil amendment...